Starting with the Ford model T, we have 100 + years of experience designing and manufacturing domed emblems, labels, badges, and nameplates for a diverse customer base ranging from local businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Our products are engineered to meet strict consumer needs, including regulatory requirements such as ROHS and REACH. Above all, we are a quality focused company that only lets the best out the door.


We’re beyond proud to have received a Platinum Award of Excellence in recognition of Outstanding 2017 On-Time Shipping Performance from General Motors Customer Care and Aftersales. One of our main goals here at Auld Technologies is to always exceed our customers expectations and we appreciate the opportunity of being a supplier to GM for 12 years strong. Thank you.

2018 GM Platinum Award

How do your products stand out? 

Domed Emblems


A domed emblem is a label that provides a 3-dimensional look and has a jewel-like luster and clarity that increases the appeal of a product. Domed emblems are made to withstand the harshest environments. No moisture, dirt, or scratching can penetrate the protective lens of domed emblems.  We supply a variety of markets including automotive, consumer electronics, plumbing, sporting goods, medical devices, and more. Whatever the  industry, a dome emblem adds an extra layer of protection and prestige to your brand.


Functional Labels


We provide durable overlays for a range of products across many industries. Our overlays will enhance your product to give it a functional look and clean finish. We have a versatile line of stock materials and the ability to source custom materials which can be printed or silk-screened upon.


Printed Acrylic


One of our latest product offerings is custom-cut and printed acrylic. Using state of the art machinery, we can cut it to any shape and size. Whether you need a display board for an upcoming exhibit or a functional piece to be attached to your product, printed acrylic could be a solution for you.

  • Crystal clear, glasslike surface
  • Printed directly upon material
  • Can be back-printed to protect image
  • 0.125” to 0.5” thick
  • Custom shapes



We provide durable overlays for a range of products across many industries. Our overlays will enhance your product to give it a functional look and clean finish. We have a versatile line of stock materials and the ability to source custom materials which can be printed or silk-screened upon.


Just for printers


Print the labels in your facility and weed the sheets. Send the parts to us and we’ll cast the parts with the specified urethane and send the parts back to you, or mail them directly to your customer.

That’s it!

For more information, download and view the spec sheet.


Special Products

Special Products



Our Services

We make challenges fun.

Our product design team can help you pick the right solution for even the simplest of projects. We’ll work with you on the design of your product so that it yields the best possible results. Our dedication to high quality is our commitment to you. With Auld’s design and production team working closely together, we have the ability to bring forth the realization of your project in the most cost effective manner.

Customers frequently come to us for solutions even when solving the issue doesn’t involve manufacturing a physical product. We take pride in solving the complicated aspects of research and development projects that revolutionize process innovation, aesthetics, or even functions. Quick turnaround on prototypes helps open the lines of communication and encourages clearly articulated and precise feedback, which saves time and money.

Craftsmanship that’s second to none.

We’ll work hand in hand with you to develop new ideas or modify existing ones. Our in-house graphic design and screen printing facilities enable us to completely develop or expand on ideas in a design. We never stop looking for innovative ways to enhance your products, and delivery them with the highest quality and utmost precision.

Testing Support

Do you want your branding to last the life of your product? Would you like to ensure that the product will be able to survive freezing temperatures, high humidity, temperature cycling, or salt spray?

At Auld, we provide expertise in emblem and label solutions that meet or exceed automotive, marine, and custom testing standards. We have partnerships in place, including with our parent company EG Industries, which allow us to work together through the development phase and ensure a product that can perform in specific environments.

We can also provide products that meet UL standards and are ROHS compliant.

We’ll help you gain insight with prototypes.

If your team has an idea of the type of emblem or label you’re looking for, we can build a prototyping plan that takes into account the various options available based on your need and within a certain set of guidelines. These can include various assortments of colors, substrates, adhesives, and tooling considerations.

We can then move into prototype production runs based on agreed upon production substrates and adhesive, production tooling, and on press color. Most prototyping projects can be completed in 2-7 business days and provide an excellent launch point for full scale production.

If you’re further along in your project and you’ve already got an idea on the type of label you require, give us a call and we’ll customize a prototyping package suitable for you. We’ll take your team’s ideas, build a design, and layout a package that meets all your criteria including price point, time frame, and performance characteristics.

Key Considerations In Prototyping

  • What is your time frame?
  • What is your budget?
  • What are the major areas you are hoping to benefit from in the prototyping process?
  • Are you okay with a non-production piece for evaluation purposes?
  • Should we combine a small scale prototype run with testing of some kind to ensure proper performance standards?
  • Does your team have artwork that is usable for prototyping or will you need assistance in this area?
  • Is your sizing already determined before prototyping?
  • Do you need help analyzing recess sizing to ensure proper fit?

PPAP – Production Part Approval Process

PPAP is a source of confirmation that a part is designed and manufactured in a way that will consistently meet quality and engineering requirements during production runs.

The purpose of PPAP is to establish a manufacturing procedure that produces sustainable outcomes throughout each part of the process, ensuring accurate results that are consistent through each operation.

It also provides documentation about the process for producing the parts that’s understood by customers, engineers, and quality control.

For customers that require PPAP documentation, please add an additional 2 weeks into your product launch time frame.

We’re always improving.

We have a modern manufacturing facility, apply best-in-class processes, and use high quality materials during production, combined with strict tolerances in all our projects.

In addition, each label or emblem we produce is individually inspected throughout the manufacturing process. Through continual monitoring, we ensure no less than premium quality at each and every stage of the production process.

Give us a call and start your project today!


A Skilled Team

“Auld Technologies is committed to providing our company the highest quality domed labels from durability testing to accurate color matching. We trust the skilled team at Auld to help brand our company’s products sold to customers worldwide. This valued partnership has served our company well, and we look forward to continued opportunities to grow our business with Auld in the future.”

Sam E., Automotive Aftermarket

Top Rated Supplier

“I have been buying from Auld for years and would definitely call them a top rated supplier.  Their high-quality customer service, competitive pricing and on time delivery are what makes them stand out from the rest.  Auld is nothing short of excellent in my book!”

Christine R., Automotive Aftermarket

Top Class Organization

“Auld provides exceptional service and is very accommodating to running changes and tight timelines. The organization is top class from facility cleanliness to quality tests to the final product. It’s been a pleasure doing business with Auld for our domed emblems and functional label needs!”

Brian O., Household Appliances

Look No Further

“Working with Auld is such a pleasure! The team is always available for questions, ideas and feedback. If you’re looking for a customer-minded company to fulfill your domed emblem, labeling, and printing needs, look no further. You’ve found the right one!”

Caleb D., Truck Accessories
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