Project Description

A domed emblem is a product label that provides a 3-dimensional look.  It possesses a jewel-like luster and clarity that increases the appeal of a product. Its rugged durability also makes it much more permanent than other types of labels that show wear-and-tear and degrade over time.

We supply a variety of markets including automotive, consumer electronics, plumbing, sporting goods, medical devices, and more. Whatever your industry, a dome emblem adds an extra layer of protection and prestige to your brand, as well as enhance the look of your product.

With domed emblems, your design will be completely sealed and protected from de-lamination and color fading often associated with acrylic and other types of decorative ornamentation. Domed emblems are made to withstand the harshest environments. No moisture, dirt, or scratching can penetrate the protective lens of domed decorative emblems.

Domed emblems are highly customizable. Designs can be debossed, for example, to emphasize fine detail as well as give your label an added dimension. Domed emblems are very versatile and can be designed to meet the requirements of almost all situations. They can be applied directly to most surfaces whether flat, curved, rigid or soft.