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Design & Engineering

We make challenges fun.

Our product design team can help you pick the right solution for even the simplest of projects. We’ll work with you on the design of your product so that it yields the best possible results. Our dedication to high quality is our commitment to you. With Auld’s design and production team working closely together, we have the ability to bring forth the realization of your project in the most cost effective manner.

Customers frequently come to us for solutions even when solving the issue doesn’t involve manufacturing a physical product. We take pride in solving the complicated aspects of research and development projects that revolutionize process innovation, aesthetics, or even functions. Quick turnaround on prototypes helps open the lines of communication and encourages clearly articulated and precise feedback, which saves time and money.

Craftsmanship that’s second to none.

We’ll work hand in hand with you to develop new ideas or modify existing ones. Our in-house graphic design and screen printing facilities enable us to completely develop or expand on ideas in a design. We never stop looking for innovative ways to enhance your products, and delivery them with the highest quality and utmost precision.