We are excited to share the launch of one of our current customers’ products with you. They have developed a lightweight, energy efficient and portable air cooling unit that can cool a 200 square foot space up to 10 degrees!

We worked closely with Culer from the start of this project to be sure their decals weren’t just practical, but instead are something stylish that will stand the test of time. From materials, design, and application it’s always an exhilarating challenge finding what’s best for our customer. To see something we worked so hard on go to market in such a big way is exciting for everyone involved.

Culer brought us an intricate design with many layers including gradients and a background pattern. Since different print methods have different strengths and weaknesses we explored all options with a few trial runs to be sure all of these layers came together seamlessly.

In the end we have a beautiful decal that functions exactly as the customer wanted and looks great on television! Let us help you get a stylish look too.