Here at Auld Technologies we do everything in our power to further our environmental efforts by recycling as much waste as possible. We re-purpose product and material waste whenever possible. An example of this is using the bags our lamination come in to catch urethane waste in our doming process. There are some things we can’t re-purpose in-house and these are taken by contracted agencies that handle the material and find alternative purposes for them.


Our wooden pallets are burned for energy, while the drums that previously carried chemicals are cleaned out by burning the excess chemicals and then reused. Any of our excess solvent waste from the print department is taken and used to clean railroad cars and tankers. In our lamination area we have plastic cores that are taken and ground up to be turned into plastic fillers for operations elsewhere.

We make great efforts to recycle our plastics, ink, batteries, solvents, oil, glass, urethane, and more to ensure that nothing goes to waste. We are committed to bringing environmentally friendly practices into our business, and are always looking for new ways to ensure that we can find the most effective way of doing so.